How YaaS helps
YaaS enables you to focus on building functionality by giving you the freedom to code in any language, a community to support you and lots of tooling to simplify your development.

A tool for managing and publishing microservices with security managed by an API Proxy. You can quickly and easily develop UIs for your microservices enabling users to manage the business process and data encapsulated.

Dev Portal

The Dev Portal is a centralised information hub about everything you’ll need to know to build your own offering. Extensive Documentation, Toolkits and guidelines for building and integrating microservices.


The marketplace for business services based on the microservices architectural style. The YaaS Market allows businesses to subscribe and consume packages.

Build on YaaS

You know when you need to develop functionality to meet new business requirements it always takes longer then you think?

Leverage the YaaS ecosystem

You know when you have a gap in your product that’s holding you back and there’s no more space left on your Roadmap?

Join us now!

Join the community of 5000+ registered participants creating and using Microservices based packages on YaaS.

The old World

Today’s customer look at big software packages as an out-dated and inflexible concept with a pricing model that does not fit their needs and requirements. Being forced to choose one big package means to accept significant compromises, buying things they don’t need, missing pieces they would have loved to have. They are forced to change their business model to the model of the monolithic software package. They are not in control. While they think they should be.

The New World

YaaS decomposes the big package and allows a more flexible orchestration owned by the customer, by you.

The YaaS World

YaaS provides the platform that allows you to mashup, compose and measure all single components of your projects.

The YaaS Core Highlights
Even more services around customer engagement, commerce and other businesses are waiting for you on the YaaS Market.
Short Introduction to YaaS